Paul was a great pope of the concil of trent. He was a pope of a
Roman Chatolic Church. He moved to Rome to get an education. Two years
later he had two kids. He advanced rapidly in his position in the church.
While in the church he had a number of affarares. Including with his
sister. During the battles going on more people went to church. He gained
huge amounts of gain. He made a reform of Inquistion In Italy in 1542. His
grandson argued with the church before the quick arrival of Pauls death.( on the left side)

This a painting of the last supper by
Leonardo da vinci. He interpreted it to make it look like he was actually
their. He painted it during the Renaissance. He painted it right after he
painted the sixteenth chapel. Not like his other paintings he didnt use
really bright colors to make it feel like he painted it long ago. He got
the idea from visiting a church and thought of painting the last supper.It
took about two days to make this wounderful painting. (on the right side)